Indoor Announcement

Posted by Jennifer Buth on Nov 02 2018 at 07:20PM PDT in 2018-2019

Hi everyone,

As we get closer to our first indoor match I wanted to make sure everyone had an update for the upcoming indoor session. I’ve included information below on everything, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Additionally, we’ll have a Team Pages website set up for the team by Monday with the game schedule, contact information, and other team information (thank you Jen Buth!).

Team Name – I registered us as PSU White.
Schedule – As I write this, there is still no schedule posted. The challenging thing is that we could play as early as this Sunday. Not sure why the administration of the league is always this way, but it is. Please know, either Jen or I will send everyone an update once the schedule is posted.
Player cards – each player needs a player card by next week’s game (11/10 or 11/11). Here’s the link to where you can purchase a player pass (bottom of the page):
Rules – the rules are very similar to outdoor, with a few exceptions. The link to the rules seems to be broken currently, but essentially, we play with 8 total players on the field, goalies can punt, and goalies have a 5 second time limit to get rid of the ball once they make a save.
Jerseys – please wear black for every match, but always bring red, as well.
Payment. I’ll send out payment information shortly. I need to verify if the $795 cost includes tax or not. Once I have that, I’ll let everyone know what is owed and either PayPal, check, or cash all work great.

The first few games are pretty chaotic given we have a mix of players and there are no practices, but once we get a few games under our belt it all begins to gel.

Please look for the invite from TeamPages and we’ll update you as soon as the schedule is posted.

Thanks everyone,



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